Thursday, 19 February 2015

BREAKING: New Senate Bill Would Be the Biggest 2nd Amendment Victory of Our Lifetimes

The skyrocketing number of concealed carry permits over the last decade has been a great conservative success — but a proposed law could be an even bigger victory for Second Amendment supporters.
A bill titled the “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act” would make a lawful handgun permit automatically valid across all U.S. states.

“This operates more or less like a driver’s license. So, for example, if you have a driver’s license in Texas, you can drive in New York, in Utah and other places, subject to the laws of those states,” explained Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas.
The National Rifle Association is one of the largest pro-gun organizations to support the bill.
“The current patchwork of state and local laws is confusing for even the most conscientious and well-informed concealed carry permit holders,” said Chris Cox, the executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.
“This confusion often leads to law-abiding gun owners running afoul of the law when they exercise their right to self-protection while traveling or temporarily living away from home,” he continued (H/T
Unsurprisingly, liberal anti-gun groups such as the innocent-sounding Everytown for Gun Safety quickly criticized the bill, claiming that standardizing the concealed carry laws somehow violated states’ rights.
“Federally imposed concealed carry laws interfere with states’ fundamental right to determine who is too dangerous to carry hidden, loaded guns in public,” protested John Feinblatt, the president of Everytown.
Of course, that statement completely ignored the fact that criminals don’t follow the law or that liberals haven’t had a problem using federal laws to overrule the states on nearly every other topic.
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